O Mother [Kali], he who, being a controller of his passions, eats haviṣyānnaṁ [pure ritual food], and, being proficient in Meditation on Thy feet, rightly recites Thy mantra a hundred thousand times by day, and he who afterwards naked at night, when united with his Śakti [spouse], rightly recites Thy great mantra another such hundred thousand times, becomes on earth like unto the Destroyer of Smara [who is the God Shiva].


'Naked' (Nagnah): That is free from the covering of Māyā [illusion]; Nirvikāra.

'Amorous play' (Nidhuvana-vinodena): That is enjoying the bliss of union between Ātmā [inner Being] and Paraśakti [universal energy]. The Kulārṇava-Tantra says, 'That is coition (Maithuna) in which there is the bliss arising from the union of Ātmā and Paraśakti. Others are but 'enjoyers of women.'

'Becomes' (Syāt): That is, becomes liberated whilst yet living (Jīvanmukta) like Śiva.

Excerpted from the Vimalānandadāyini Commentary on that Lord of Hymns called the Karpūrādi-Stotra to Śrimad Dakṣiṇa-Kālikā as reproduced in Hymn to Kali, by Arthur Avalon (Sir John George Woodroffe), [1922]

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"Those who only preoccupy themselves with their own spiritual progress and do not work for others achieve absolutely nothing. Whosoever wants to progress must sacrifice the self for others."

Samael Aun Weor, Tarot and Kabbalah