The pillar of the path is the self-blazing of the blissful inner heat.
With the bodily posture observing seven points, meditate
On the form of the deity, the body like an empty shell.
Envision the central channel avadhuti, the side channels lalana and rasana,
And also the four chakras, the syllables AH and HAM,
The blazing [of the inner fire] and dripping [of the drops],
And the entering of the life-sustaining and downward-moving energies [into the central channel].
Meditate on the vajra recitation with the five root energies.

Retain and stablize [the energies], and induce the experience of wisdom.
Integrate the four blisses and blend the root energies and the drops.
Energy and consciousness enter into the central channel avadhuti;
The beyond-conceptuality mind arises, distorted emotions are self-pacified,
And an unbroken stream of bliss and radiance flows forth.

Vajra Verses of the Whispered Tradition by Naropa [mid-eleventh century]. Published by Snow Lion (1997) in The Practice of the Six Yogas of Naropa, translated by Glenn H. Mullin.


"What truly counts in these studies is the manner in which human beings behave internally and invisibly with one another."