The outer consort, in nature fire,
Melts the life-drops that course
Through the seventy-two thousand channels,
Bringing them into the central channel,
Giving rise to the four ineffable joys.

Outside, all sensory movement of mind and energy ceases;
Inside, mundane views, ignorance, and darkness disperse.
Thus, by yoga even sleep is transformed
Into the nature of Dharmakaya's clear light.

By cultivating these yogic methods,
We can in general see through all distorted appearances
And in particular know the body as dreamlike,
Thus building the dancing form of an endowed deity
And maintaining the according emanations.

By mentally reciting the secret mantras of the vajra dharmas
Of entering, resting, and dispersing energy at the heart
While controlling the life-drop made of five clear essences,
The knots of ignorance are easily untied.

The tip of the vajra [phallus] is placed firmly in the lotus [vagina]
And mind as the syllable HUM is brought into the central channel [of the spine];
One drinks and drinks the essence of the nectars
And goes mad with innate joy unmoving.

By thus settling the mind in the subtle vajra letter
And bringing the drop to the four chakras and sensory gates,
One directly sees all aesthetic objects
Found throughout the three worlds.

Thus one opens the windows of the six miraculous powers,
Sees the faces of innumerable deities,
Masters the meanings of the words of the teachings,
And gains the delightful company of an immortal lover.

In the tip of the vajra between the eyebrows
The light of the sun, moon, and stars swirls in the drop.
By bringing mind and energy to that point,
The white bodhi-mind is forever increased.

Then with the fine brush of samadhi paint
A masterpiece incorporating all beauties of life;
One gains the aid of a fully qualified consort
And one's experience of the blisses blazes higher and higher.

Mind fixed on the bliss and mudra of the consort,
A rain of innate joy pours down.
Again and again seducing the beautiful one,
Symbol of the mind embracing reality itself,
One melts into the sphere of spontaneous bliss.

Excerpted from Instructional Poem on the Stages in Practice of the Heruka Chakrasamvara Tantra by the Seventh Dalai Lama. Published by Snow Lion (2006) in The Dalai Lamas on Tantra, translated by Glenn H. Mullin.


"Whosoever imitates does not learn; whosoever imitates becomes an automaton, and that is all... A mind that knows only how to imitate is mechanical; it is a machine that functions but is incapable of creating, that does not know how to truly think, because it only repeats, and that is all."