Every Gnostic retreat has been made possible by local volunteers who help us find a location, and aid in light coordination of local needs. We are looking for volunteers who want to help bring Gnostic Instructors to their city or country. If you are willing to make the effort on behalf of your community, and volunteer your time and energy, you can contribute towards the organization of a workshop, retreat, or teaching event. 

Several Gnostic instructors are willing to sacrifice their time to travel and meet with students anywhere in the world that is safe enough for travel, and present one or two-day events (or more, if needed) including:

  • Several lectures, plus time for questions and answers
  • Practical exercises, including meditation
  • Discussion and general social interaction
  • A selection of Gnostic books and other items for purchase

All of this will be sponsored by Glorian Publishing and will be guided by the many years of experience of the retreat instructors.

Although each event will primarily be organized and managed by our Retreat organizers, local volunteers will help to provide:

  • Information about the city or country, including suitable event locations, and travel details
  • Event promotion, such as flyers, online notices, or advertising
  • Fundraising to cover travel expenses
  • Assisting the instructors and retreat organizers in general with various aspects of the event, including recruiting additional volunteers if needed

If you are interested in helping to bring the Gnostic teachings to your area, please contact us for more information. Let us know your city and country and any other relevant information.


"When we are in the physical world, we must learn to be awake from moment to moment. We then live awakened and self-conscious from moment to moment in the internal worlds, both during the hours of the sleep of the physical body and also after death."