Etymologies, meanings, and definitions of spiritual, religious, and philosophical words beginning with the letter Y.

(Sanksrit) Sacrifice.

(Sanskrit) Knowledge that is acquired by means of certain occult powers awakened within our own inner nature, through certain magical rituals.

Hebrew ילדאבהות (Literally "Children of the Void," from ילדה = yalda= child; בהו = bohu = void; אבהות = abbott = fatherhood, parentage, paternity). This term has positive and negative interpretation, for there are children of the Void above (the Ain Soph, Sunyata, or Emptiness) and children of the Void below (the Abyss).

"The Light of Sophia always emerges from the sexual Chaos, and this Light shines in the Darkness. Sophia, as a Verb, is Yaldabaoth in complete action." - Samael Aun Weor, The Pistis Sophia Unveiled

yama(Sanskrit यम) Literally, "self-control, restraint, forbearance." Also: "Rider, charioteer, rein, bridle. Road, end, way, path, course, progress. Carriage. Cessation. God of death. Twin, twin-born, couple, one of a pair. Crow."

1. Hinduism: (a) The first mortal and the god of death. Yama, which also means "twin," has a twin sister named Yami (यमी) and is also called Yamini ("night"). 

2. Buddhism: (Tibetan gshin rje) The ruler of the hell realms and god of death. He is depicted holding the Wheel of Samara in his mouth and claws.

3. Yoga: The first step of yoga as explained by Patanjali's Yoga Sutras. As the foundation for all yoga, Yama requires:

  • Ahimsa (non-violence)
  • Satya (truth)
  • Asteya (non-stealing)
  • Brahmacharya (sexual continence: no orgasm, no lust) 
  • Aparigraha (non-avariciousness)

(Sanskrit यन्त्र) Literally, "machine, instrument, engine, motor, implement, fetter, implement for holding, mystical diagram supposed to possess occult powers, trace, prop, appliance, band, apparatus, surgical instrument, any instrument for holding or restraining or fastening, restraint, tie, device, any instrument or apparatus, support, force, mechanical contrivance, barrier, means, amulet, rein."

1. Hinduism. Yantra is generally used to referred to a mystical diagram like a mandala, utilized for meditation.

2. Buddhism. (Tibetan: trulkhor, which also means "movement of body") Particular exercises taught by Padmasambhava to harness prana (energy) and acheive profound relaxation in preparation for meditation. Samael Aun Weor taught a form of Yantra as well: Sacred Rites for Rejuvenation.

(Hebrew יחודה) Literally "oneness" or "unity" or "union." From masculine yahid, "the one, the only, the unique" from the verbal root yahad "oneness, union"; cognant with the Hebrew 'ehad, "one."

The highest of the five souls in Kabbalah, corresponding to the sephirah Kether.

"Yehidah is another soul, the fifth. First you incarnate the three souls Nephesh, Ruach and Neshamah and purify them, but the other process of the two other souls Chaiah and Yehidah, they do not incarnate in you, instead, they swallow you. And that is why most of the rituals in ancient times, said that the Lord does not eat garbage, does not eat refuse; it means that we have to purify and to be worthy to be swallowed by God, that is, to be taken as Enoch into heaven. How does this happen? When Yehidah, which is the one, singular, the unique in Hebrew which is that Aleph, Kether, which is symbolized by the eagle—comes and swallows Chaiah." - a lecture about the letter Hei

(Hebrew יהשוה) Derives from the Holy Name of God יהוה filled with fire ש. Yeshua is a title, not a personal name. It is most known in relation to Yeshua Krestos (Jesus Christ). Means "savior." Some spell it Yeshu (ישו) or Yeshua (ישוע).

(Hebrew יסוד means foundation) The ninth sephirah of the the Tree of Life (Kabbalah). In the macrocosmic universe, Yesod is the fourth dimension. In the microcosmic universe (man), Yesod corresponds to the sexual organs and to the Ethereal body. In the Bible, Yesod is Eden, the Promised Land.

  • Gnostic: The 2nd Aeon
  • Kabbalah: The Lower Eden; Mayim; Part of Nukva
  • Represents: The energetic or vital body. The lower Eden.
  • Body / World: Vital
  • Dimension: Fourth
  • Heaven of: The Moon
  • Level of Consciousness: Cherubim (Kabbalah), Immortals (Christian)

In the microcosmic universe (man), Yesod corresponds to the sexual organs. In the Bible, Yesod is Eden, the Promised Land. 

"Yesod is the Vital or Ethereal Body. Yesod is the foundation of the Third Logos, the center where the sexual force of the Third Logos gravitates. The sexual forces which are the living foundation of our physiology gravitate in Yesod. The Holy Spirit abides in Yesod." - Samael Aun Weor

"And the king [Solomon] commanded, and they brought great stones, costly stones, [and] hewed stones, to lay the יסד [foundation] of the house." - 1 Kings 5:17

"By Chokmah [wisdom] in Yesod [foundation-sex] Iod-Havah hath founded the earth; by Binah [understanding] he established the heavens. By his [Daath-Gnosis] knowledge the depths are divided [into Abba and Aima, Father-Mother, Adam and Eve], and the clouds distillate the [semen] dew [in Yesod-sex]." - Proverbs 3

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(Hebrew יצירה; also Yetsirah or Olam Yetsirah) The third of four worlds in the Kabbalah. It is the world of formation and of the Angels.

"And IHVH Elohim יצר formed man..." - Genesis 2:7

(Hebrew) "Yew, the profoundly sacred name, is related with the Light and clairvoyance. It is written that Jesus, the Great Kabir, chanted a song of praise in the Great Name. It is written that He pronounced the profoundly sacred name Yew and He blew in their eyes saying, “Ye are now clairvoyant.” Unquestionably, Yew is a mantric word or magic key related to clairvoyance." - Samael Aun Weor, The Gnostic Bible: The Pistis Sophia Unveiled

The nature of the Abstract Absolute Space according to the Nahuatl. Wind and darkness. See: Omeyocan

(Sanskrit योग) "union." Similar to the Latin "religare," the root of the word "religion." In Tibetan, it is "rnal-'byor" which means "union with the fundamental nature of reality."

"The word YOGA comes from the root Yuj which means to join, and in its spiritual sense, it is that process by which the human spirit is brought into near and conscious communion with, or is merged in, the Divine Spirit, according as the nature of the human spirit is held to be separate from (Dvaita, Visishtadvaita) or one with (Advaita) the Divine Spirit." - Swami Sivananda, Kundalini Yoga

"Patanjali defines Yoga as the suspension of all the functions of the mind. As such, any book on Yoga, which does not deal with these three aspects of the subject, viz., mind, its functions and the method of suspending them, can he safely laid aside as unreliable and incomplete." - Swami Sivananda, Practical Lessons In Yoga

"The word yoga means in general to join one's mind with an actual fact..." - The 14th Dalai Lama

"The soul aspires for the union with his Innermost, and the Innermost aspires for the union with his Glorian." - Samael Aun Weor, The Revolution of Beelzebub

" Yoga is the stilling of the modifications of Consciousness." — Yoga Sutras 1:2

"Perform action, dwelling in union with the Divine, renouncing attachments, and balanced evenly in success and failure; equanimity is Yoga ." –Krishna, Bhagavad-Gita 2:48

"All of the seven schools of Yoga are within Gnosis, yet they are in a synthesized and absolutely practical way. There is Tantric Hatha Yoga in the practices of the Maithuna (Sexual Magic). There is practical Raja Yoga in the work with the chakras. There is Gnana / Jnana Yoga in our practices and mental disciplines which we have cultivated in secrecy for millions of years. We have Bhakti Yoga in our prayers and Rituals. We have Laya Yoga in our meditation and respiratory exercises. Samadhi exists in our practices with the Maithuna and during our deep meditations. We live the path of Karma Yoga in our upright actions, in our upright thoughts, in our upright feelings, etc." - Samael Aun Weor, The Revolution of Beelzebub

"Yoga does not consist in sitting cross-legged for six hours or stopping the beatings of the heart or getting oneself buried underneath the ground for a week or a month. These are all physical feats only. Yoga is the science that teaches you the method of uniting the individual will with the Cosmic Will. Yoga transmutes the unregenerate nature and increases energy, vitality, vigour, and bestows longevity and a high standard of health." - Swami Sivananda, Autobiography

"Give up worship of the body. Worshippers of the body are Asuras and Rakshasas [demons]." - Swami Sivananda

“Brahmacharya [chastity] is the very foundation of Yoga.” - Swami Sivananda

"Those who are addicted to sensual pleasures or those who are arrogant and proud, dishonest, untruthful, diplomatic, cunning and treacherous and who disrespect the Guru, Sadhus and elders and take pleasure in vain controversies and worldly actions, can never attain success in Yogic practices.” - Swami Sivananda

"The Yoga that we require today is actually ancient Gnostic Christian Yoga, which absolutely rejects the idea of Hatha Yoga. We do not recommend Hatha Yoga simply because, spiritually speaking, the acrobatics of this discipline are fruitless; they should be left to the acrobats of the circus." - Samael Aun Weor, The Yellow Book

"Yoga has been taught very badly in the Western World. Multitudes of pseudo-sapient Yogis have spread the false belief that the true Yogi must be an infrasexual (an enemy of sex). Some of these false yogis have never even visited India; they are infrasexual pseudo-yogis. These ignoramuses believe that they are going to achieve in-depth realization only with the yogic exercises, such as asanas, pranayamas, etc.Not only do they have such false beliefs, but what is worse is that they propagate them; thus, they misguide many people away from the difficult, straight, and narrow door that leads unto the light. No authentically Initiated Yogi from India would ever think that he could achieve his inner self-realization with pranayamas or asanas, etc. Any legitimate Yogi from India knows very well that such yogic exercises are only co-assistants that are very useful for their health and for the development of their powers, etc. Only the Westerners and pseudo-yogis have within their minds the belief that they can achieve Self-realization with such exercises. Sexual Magic is practiced very secretly within the Ashrams of India. Any True Yogi Initiate from India works with the Arcanum A.Z.F. This is taught by the Great Yogis from India that have visited the Western world, and if it has not been taught by these great, Initiated Hindustani Yogis, if it has not been published in their books of Yoga, it was in order to avoid scandals. You can be absolutely sure that the Yogis who do not practice Sexual Magic will never achieve birth in the Superior Worlds. Thus, whosoever affirms the contrary is a liar, an impostor." - Samael Aun Weor, Alchemy and Kabbalah

(or Yogacarya) A school of Buddhism founded in India by Asanga (300 AD). “The Yogacharyas from the Mahayana school state that Alaya is the personification of the Illuminating Void.” - Samael Aun Weor, Cosmic Teachings of a Lama

(Sanskrit) male yoga practitioner.

(Sanskrit) Female yoga practitioner.

(Sanskrit योनी) Can literally mean "vagina, womb, fountain, spring, origin, source, water, grain, place of birth, seed," and more.