(1) A state of sexual purity; or (2) an esoteric degree of initiation.

“Religious people know that a Virgin named “Immaculate Conception” exists. Any mystic-illuminati perfectly knows that she lives in Eden working with the immaculate conceptions of the Holy Spirit. When a conception without the spilling of the seminal fluid is performed, it is done by the Holy Spirit. Such a conception is under the vigilance and direction of the “Immaculate Conception.” We announce that this said Virgin is not the Hebrew Mary. Indeed, the “Immaculate Conception” is a woman who attained the degree of Virgin. Many similar women exist, true living Buddhas who attained the Fifth Initiation. Let us remember the Virgin of the Sea (Mother of Jesus), and the eleven thousand Inca Virgins, the Virgins of the stars, the Virgin of the law, etc. All of those women are living Buddhas, women who attained the Fifth Initiation of Major Mysteries (true human beings). The most elevated degree for a woman is that of Virgin. The most elevated degree for a human is that of Christ. The Virgin who renounces Nirvana and reincarnates in order to work for humanity as a human being elevates herself to the degree of Christ.” - Samael Aun Weor, Aztec Christic Magic


"...the growth of one’s soul is only possible through the forgiveness of others."