(Sanskrit संस्कार) Saṃskāra literally means "that which has been put together" and "that which puts together." In Hinduism, samskara can refers either to a series of ritual initiations (Sanskar) or more importantly, to formations in the mind, impressions, consequences.

"Vritti (whirlpool, thought-wave) arises in the mind-ocean. It operates for sometime. Then it sinks below the threshold of normal consciousness. From the surface of the conscious mind wherein it was uppermost for some time, it sinks down deep into the region of the subconscious mind (Chitta). There, it continues to be a subliminal action and becomes a Samskara (impression). A conscious action-whether cognitive, affective or conative-assumes a potential and hidden (Sukshma and Avyakta) form just below the threshold of consciousness. This is termed a Samskara." - Swami Sivananda, Mind - Its Mysteries and Control

"Those who have not eliminated the Abhayan Samskara, the innate fear, will flee from the Ninth Sphere by telling to others that the work in the forge of the Cyclops (sex) is worthless." - Samael Aun Weor, Tarot & Kabbalah; Cosmic Teachings of a Lama

In Buddhism, samskara is the the fourth skandha and the second link in the twelve Nidanas, the chain of dependent origination.


"In order to pass to a superior Level of Being, it is necessary to cease being what one is. We need to not be what we are. If we continue being what we are, we will never pass to a superior Level of Being."