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(Greek πίστις, literally "faith, trust" derived from Πειθώ peitho, meaning "to prevail," "to grow in confidence," or "persuasion") Has levels of meaning, both positive and negative.

  1. In esoteric psychology, the second to the lowest of the Four States of Consciousness. This level corresponds to the so-called "vigil state" of the common person, within which the person believes they are awake but is nonetheless submerged within their own fetid and subjective psyche, driven by unperceived impulses and desires. "Pistis is the world of opinions and beliefs. Pistis is belief, prejudices, sectarianism, fanaticism, theories in which there does not exist any type of direct perception of the Truth. Pistis is that consciousness of the common level of humanity." - Samael Aun Weor, The Perfect Matrimony

  2. "Pistis signifies “power.” Sophia means “wisdom.” Unquestionably, the power is in the Fohat, which means in the Fire. The authentic Wisdom is converted into Fire. There exists the Fire of the fire, the Flame of the flame, which is the astral signature of the Fire. Obviously, Christ-Wisdom is the astral signature of the Fire." - Samael Aun Weor, The Pistis Sophia Unveiled

  3. One of the daimons or spirits (that of Trust or Faith) who fled to Heaven when Pandora opened the vase (box).


"Tremendous is the effort and the vigilance that is needed from second to second, from moment to moment, in order to not fall into illusions. One minute of unawareness is enough for the mind to be already dreaming about something else, distracting it from the job or deed that we are living at the moment."