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(Sanskrit परिनिष्पन्न, alternately parinishpanna, paranishpana, or parinishpana; Tibetan: Yong-Grüb) "Real, perfect, existing. Absolute truth," or "Absolute happiness." From "para" which means "beyond" and nishpanna, sometimes translated as "knowledge," "completeness," "perfection" or "happiness."

"...all that seemingly exists in this universe will come to have real existence in the state of Paranishpanna." —Samael Aun Weor, The Secret Doctrine of Anahuac


"Wherever we direct our attention, we spend creative energy. We can save creative energy if we divide attention, if we do not become identified with things, people, and ideas. When we become identified with things, people, and ideas, we then forget our Self and lose creative energy in the most pitiful way. It is essential to know that we need to save creative energy in order to awaken the consciousness, and that the creative energy is the living potential, it is the vehicle of the consciousness, it is the instrument in order to awaken the consciousness."