(Hebrew נצח means victory) The seventh sephirah of the Tree of Life; the Mental World; the Mental Body; corresponds to the Fifth Dimension.

Netzach is the Mental World, the cosmic mind, the mind of the human being. There are some authors who suppose that the mind is Venusian; I have to disagree with them, because when properly observed the mind is found to be Mercurial. Anyone can realize that the mind is Mercurial, because Mercury gives wisdom, gives the word, etc. - Samael Aun Weor, Tarot and Kabbalah

  • Gnostic: The 4th Aeon
  • Represents: The intellect. Concrete mind.
  • Body / World: Mental
  • Dimension: Fifth
  • Heaven of: Mercury
  • Level of Consciousness: Elohim (Kabbalah), Archangels (Christian)

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"Take everything from each moment, because each moment is a child of Gnosis, each moment is absolute, alive and significant. Momentariness is a special characteristic of the Gnostics. We love the philosophy of momentariness."