(Hebrew מֶרְכַּב, מרכבה, or מִרְכֶּבֶת) Literally, "thing to ride in, cart," interpreted to mean “chariot.” Refers to the superior bodies that the initiate must build to reach "heaven." In Western mysticism, the chariot is most known in relation with Ezekiel, and is described as being composed of four holy creatures,which symbolize the four solar bodies: causal, mental, astral, and physical. In alchemy, these are symbolized by C.O.N.H. (carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen). The chariot is also symbolized as the Wedding Garment (Christianity), the chariot of Apollo (Greek), the chariot of Krishna (Hindu), To Soma Heliakon (Greek), and Sahu (Egyptian).


"In these studies of Kabbalah, we need to be practical; there are authors who write marvels, but when one looks at them, one realizes that they have not lived what they have written; they did not experience it in themselves, and that is why they are mistaken. I understand that one must write what one has directly experienced by oneself. I have proceeded in this way for my part."

Samael Aun Weor, Tarot and Kabbalah