(Hebrew לויתן or לווייתן) A Biblical symbol mentioned throughout the Judeo-Christian scriptures and thoroughly described in Job 41. Like all other scriptural symbols, it has a variety of meanings.

  1. Leviathan symbolizes the sexual power within our organism, that must be tamed and controlled by the human soul. "The Leviathan is the sexual force that receives that energy of Behemoth. All that energy from the animal kingdom, that is in your sub-consciousness, infra-consciousness, and unconsciousness goes through the blood and into the seed, and this is why the animal is very strong in us." - Lecture: Arcanum 14

  2. A Resurrected Master has completely eradicated the animal ego, and thereby becomes Leviathan (Levi-tannyn), and through death has conquered death. "It is necessary to comprehend and meditate that the Leviathan, that one who is moving through the waters, is the True Master that has been decapitated and decapitated again. Who is capable of decapitating the Leviathan? Who is capable of hurting the one who has already received all harms and become resurrected? Let us be converted into Resurrected Masters." - Samael Aun Weor

    This is why Kabbalah states that Moses is a Leviathan.


"When we are in the physical world, we must learn to be awake from moment to moment. We then live awakened and self-conscious from moment to moment in the internal worlds, both during the hours of the sleep of the physical body and also after death."