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A term introduced by Gurdjieff. Composed of Hebrew harn-el, (הרן) "the singing," with (אל) el, "God." And miatzn-el (מאיזון), "from balancing, harnessing" (אל) el, "God."

"A new arising from the previously arisen through the “Harnel-miatznel,” the process of which is actualized thus: the higher blends with the lower in order to actualize the middle and thus becomes either higher for the preceding lower, or lower for the succeeding higher." - Gurdjieff


"The one who does not know how to fulfill his duties as a simple citizen cannot tread the path of the great mysteries. Many disciples forget the good manners of a sincere and honorable gentleman or lady and become truly irresponsible and even dangerous individuals."

Samael Aun Weor, The Major Mysteries