In the Twenty-two Major Arcana, the card referred to as the number 21 is the Fool, which some authors have numbered as 0 or as 22. The fact remains, that in Gnostic Kabbalah it is number 21, which is represented by a wanderer walking aimlessly with no course or objective and carrying a bag on a stick over his shoulder; he holds a staff in his right hand. His clothes, in disarray, leave his sexual organs exposed, thus, a tiger cat (symbol of fire, Shin) follows him around, biting him incessantly. His face shows that he is unaware of this attack, thus, this is why he does not try to defend himself. So, unconscious sensitivity to the nature of fire is found represented in the Arcanum 21: the sensual mind slave of the sensations of the flesh, the impressions of material life. The Fool is the symbol of present humanity, which is the blind slave of matter and sex.

"Thus says Iod-Havah; Behold, I set before you the way of life, and the way of death." - Jeremiah 21:8


"The first teaching that comes from nature is to stand alone. Do not depend upon the assistance of others for your well-being..."