A test (ordeal) of fidelity.

"When Jehovah Elohim says to Adam and Eve from the Tree, Daath, the sexual force, who is in the middle of the Garden, which is Yesod, "You shall not eat." This is the first ordeal. But who is the one who gives to Adam the apple? It is Eve. In this case the Direne ordeal is in relation with the female aspect. But when people read literally they think that it is in relation with a male who is going to be tested by a woman in the physical world. Of course, if I am a man I will be tested by a woman. But if you are a woman you are going to be tested by a man. And that is the Direne ordeal, because that Direne ordeal is a female force. It is not related with certain women or certain men. It is always related with our genital"s sexual force which is always feminine." - a lecture related to Arcanum 22


"Take everything from each moment, because each moment is a child of Gnosis, each moment is absolute, alive and significant. Momentariness is a special characteristic of the Gnostics. We love the philosophy of momentariness."