(Sanskrit धर्मधातु; Tibetan chöying or chos-nyid) Literally, "realm of dharma." Emptiness, the Absolute. The all-encompassing space which is unoriginated and beginningless from which all phenomena arise.

1. Hinduism: "the nature of things, in the sense of a rule to which they hold."

2. Buddhism: (Mahayana) "the realm of dharmas is the uncaused and immutable totality in which all phenomena arise, dwell, and pass away." The dimension of the Dharmakaya, the cognition of reality (dharmadhatujnana).


"We should not mistake the Truth with opinions. Many think that the Truth is this or that, or that the Truth is within this or that book, or within this or that belief or idea, etc. Whosoever wants to experience the Truth should not mistake beliefs, ideas, opinions and theories with that which is the Truth. We must experience the Truth in a direct, practical and real manner; this is only possible in the stillness and silence of the mind, and this is achieved by means of meditation."