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or kosmos. (Greek κόσμος) "Order, good order, orderly arrangement." A term from Greek philosophy that implies systematic order, but which also carries the implication of "ornamentation, adornment" especially on women. In Gnosis, we use this word to describe the orderly levels by which all existing things are arranged, like ornaments on the body of the Divine.

In general use, cosmos refers to any orderly system. Primarily, we study the relationship between two systems:

  • macrocosm: from makros "large, long" + kosmos, meaning "large orderly system" as a reference the universe around us.
  • microcosm: from mikros "small" + kosmos "world," a reference to ourselves, since we have an inner universe that is a reflection of the universe

We also study these two in a more elaborated structure:

1. Absolute - Protocosmos

2. All the worlds from all of the clusters of Galaxies - Ayocosmos

3. A Galaxy or group of Suns - Macrocosmos

4. The Sun, Solar System - Deuterocosmos

5. The Earth, or any of the planets - Mesocosmos

6. The Philosophical Earth, Human Being - Microcosmos

7. The Abyss, Hell - Tritocosmos


"Comprehension does not belong to the past nor to the future; comprehension belongs to the moment in which we are living, here and now..."