The high priest of the Christian gospels who pushed for the crucifixion of Jesus. He symbolizes the demon of evil-will, one of the three traitors within us who betrays the inner Christ.

"The multiple psychic aggregates within our psychological depths scream for the crucifixion of the Innermost Lord. Without a question, each of us carries three traitors within our psyches: Judas, the demon of desire; Pilate, the demon of the mind; and Caiaphas, the demon of evil will. These three traitors crucify the Lord of Perfections in the very depths of our Soul." - Samael Aun Weor, The Great Rebellion

"It is written that any intellectual animal carries inside the horrendous Caiaphas, the third traitor of Hiram Abiff. If Judas, the dreadful Demon of Desire, the abominable Apopi, is thus so depraved, if Pilate the tenebrous one of the mind, the hideous devil Hai, causes us too much pain with his indignant justifications and washing of hands, then, what can we say about the horrendous Caiaphas? I saw my own (Demon of Evil-Will) climbing up step after step throughout the stairs of my own abode. It is unquestionable that he possessed a Caesarean, impotent, and terrible aspect... To reduce into cosmic dust this perverse Demon of Evil Will is only possible with the power of the Divine Mother Kundalini, the igneous serpent of our magical powers." - Samael Aun Weor, Cosmic Teachings of a Lama


"The one who does not know how to fulfill his duties as a simple citizen cannot tread the path of the great mysteries. Many disciples forget the good manners of a sincere and honorable gentleman or lady and become truly irresponsible and even dangerous individuals."

Samael Aun Weor, The Major Mysteries