(Sanskrit: Kamarupa) The protoplasmatic Lunar Astral Body, commonly mistaken for the true Astral Body, which must be created through Alchemy.

"It is emphatically established within esoteric schools that we have a Luminous Astral Body. This is very arguable, because the Astral Body must be built in the Ninth Sphere by means of the transmutation of the Hydrogen SI-12. What the current and common people possess is the Body of Desires, which is confused with the Astral Body. So, to assert that we have an Astral Body is a severe error, a tremendous mistake, because the Body of Desires is not the Astral Body. In the Egyptian Mysteries, this Body of Desires is known as Apopi, which is the Demon of Desire. Such a demon is frightfully malignant. Woe unto us, because everybody has this demon! All of the people in this world are malignant, and in order to stop being demons, efforts and super-efforts on this Path are required in order to achieve this." - Samael Aun Weor, Tarot and Kabbalah


"...the Kingdom of Heaven can only be taken by energy."