Baphomet as illustrated by Eliphas LeviDerived from Greek βαϕή baphe, βάπτω ("I dip") "immersion" + Μῆτις, Metis "wisdom," "skill," or "craft." Thus, Baphomet means "baptism" or initiation into wisdom. The Baphoment represents Pan, the force of nature that Adam and Eve have to tame and master in order to return to Eden.

A medieval mystic term usually identified with the goat of Mendes. The Templars of Malta were accused of worshiping Baphomet as an idol. Baphomat signifies a baptism in wisdom or initiation, but became degraded and misunderstood when the keys to its real meaning were lost.

The symbol of the Baphomet is related to Arcanum 15: Passion, as explained in Tarot and Kabbalah.

The term baphomet hides a message when read backwards: Tem-o-h-p-ab, which is the symbol of the Latin words "Templi ommun hominum pacis abbas," which means, "The Father of the temple of universal peace for men."

See also Typhon.


"How foolish we are! We often think that we never do all the foolishness and perversities that we see others do; this is why we arrive at the conclusion that we are magnificent persons. Unfortunately, we do not see the foolishness and wretched things we do."