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Holy Days
05.22.2020 - 06.19.2020


In Buddhism, the lunar month of Saga Dawa is the most important time of year, and during this four week time all Buddhists intensify their spiritual practices in order to take advantage of the auspicious positions of the the Moon, planets, and stars. Tibetans call this Bumgyur Dawa, “the 100,000 multiplying month,” to indicate that during this time the effects of actions are much stronger. Therefore, Buddhists eat no meat, do more prayers, meditation, rituals, especially for self-purification, and do whatever they can to relieve the suffering of others, such as making large donations, freeing bound animals (such as those intended for slaughter), performing daily rituals, etc.

"The magician must pay close attention to the lunar influences because all the sidereal energies crystallize in our terrestrial globe through the lunar forces. Anything that starts during the crescent Moon progresses quickly. Anything that is done during the waning Moon does not succeed, but fails. The new Moon is very weak while the full Moon is very strong and serves in order to perform all types of practical magical works successfully." —Samael Aun Weor, Practical Astrology

It is during the waxing moon that our actions are most amplified, so the first fifteen days are the most important, leading up to the full moon (called Saga Dawa Düchen), which is this year is June 5, and that day also marks the major events of Buddha Shākyamuni’s life: his birth, awakening, and parinirvaṇa. Many Buddhist traditions call this day Vesak.

We sincerely recommend that during this time you multiply and intensify your spiritual practices, not only for self-purification but also your service to those who suffer. 

"...the future religious facet of humanity will be a mixture of the best of Buddhist esotericism with the best of Christic esotericism. After all, Gnosis is Christic and Buddhist esotericism integrated." —Samael Aun Weor, The Esoteric Path

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