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Throughout the year, we are continually influenced by subtle energies in nature, and they change as the Earth, Moon, and Sun move. During June and July, the constellation Cancer has a strong influence, so during this time we take advantage of that to prepare our physical bodies for practical priesthood. 

"These exercises of preparing the body are practiced throughout our entire lifetime. When the theurgist has his body well prepared, he can make the sidereal gods visible in the physical plane. This requires patience and perseverance, because nothing is just handed to us. Everything has the price of struggle and sacrifice. The forces that descend from heaven, on arriving at our thymus gland, meet the forces that ascend through our organism from the earth, and there, in the thymus gland, the two triangles of the superior and inferior forces interlace to form the seal of Solomon.

thymus seal


"Sit down and imagine this marvelous encounter of the cosmic forces forming the seal of Solomon at the thymus gland and, while submerged within profound inner meditation, pray to your Innermost to enter the sidereal temple of the principal star of Cancer, to bring thee the principal hierarchies of that constellation, so that they may awaken your inner powers and give that gland a treatment. Vocalize the letter “A” [as in "father"] for one hour daily." —Practical Astrology by Samael Aun Weor

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practical astrology by samael aun weor



"The more we identify ourselves with a negative thought, the more we shall be slaves of the corresponding "I" that characterizes it."