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A free audio lecture download about the arcanum of the Tarot, "The Hierarch," and the Hebrew letter hei.

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"The womb of the Divine Mother, space itself or unmanifested existence, is symbolized by the Egyptians as Nepthys. Of course, in Sanskrit we know this as Prakriti, the Divine Mother. When the Divine Mother gives birth and manifestation arises, the Egyptians called the manifested mother, "Isis". So, here we have two aspects of the Divine Mother, or two aspects of the character, "He". Between these two, there is an interface; there is Anubis. Plutarch, who was a Grecian priest at Delphi, observed in his writings that the esoteric doctrine related to Anubis described him as the balance, or the interface, between Nepthys and Isis, and he was the son of both, and in this way we can understand that Anubis here is simply a symbol, as are Nepthys and Isis, a symbol of karma, one of those three eternal factors. Within the womb of Nepthys is that seed of karmic events that must unfold, and when conditions are right, Anubis is the vehicle through which the unfolding occurs. In this way we can comprehend, based on the studies of kabbalah, that Anubis is also Christ. That light that expresses itself from the womb is Christic. It is the solar Logos, and that expression occurs because of karma."


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