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A free audio lecture download about the fourth arcanum of the Tarot, "The Emperor," and the Hebrew letter daleth.

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"Arcanum number four is called The Emperor. The king, the Emperor, is related with the fourth Sephirah of the Tree of Life, which is called Chesed. When you study the Tree of Life and the relation of the Tree of Life with the planets of our solar system, then we find that Chesed is governed by Jupiter, and also by Mars. Many kabbalists state that Chesed, the Innermost, our own particular Spirit, is ruled only by Jupiter. But when we discover that our own particular Spirit has to fight for his own Self-realization and has to do the work, the internal work in the human being; then we discover that he is also a warrior, a fighter. So that's why we state in Gnosticism that Chesed is ruled by Mars. This is the particular individual Spirit of each one of us. Chesed, which is related with the Emperor, the king. That's why, astrologically speaking, we said that the kings are ruled by Jupiter. And now we are going to go very deep, following the sequence of lectures, in order to explain the biblical Adam related with this lecture. Remember that in the Book of Genesis it is written that Adam is the king of nature, an emperor. And it is very interesting to see that when we read the Bible, we read the word Adam which many translators translate as "man", but for a better explanation it is better if we translate it as "human being."


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