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Hermes or Mercury is the most important symbol of the tradition of Alchemy. Yet, the Alchemists always kept its true identity veiled. In the modern era, the veil has been removed; now it is time to work with Mercury and transform oneself in a radical way.

Lecture quote:

"Hermes has an ancient tradition. He is the messenger of the sun. He is the closest companion to the sun. And of course we know the planet Mercury is the closest planet in our solar system to the sun, and has a very rapid orbit. In mythology he is said to be an intercessor, or a messenger who works on behalf of the sun, or with the Christ. When we study Hermes or Mercury, we understand that he was always viewed as a God of fertility. And as a God of fertility, he was worshipped symbolically by piles of stones that were placed at crossroads. And this contains a very potent symbolism."

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"When we are in the physical world, we must learn to be awake from moment to moment. We then live awakened and self-conscious from moment to moment in the internal worlds, both during the hours of the sleep of the physical body and also after death."