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The Pancatattva Ritual is an ancient ritual known in India whose goal is the transformation of substances into higher energies. Panca is a Sanskrit word that means five, and tattva is a Sanskrit word that means truth, suchness, true being; We understand that a tattva is a vibration of the Ether, which in its place is a transformation or vibration of Prana or Solar Light. Pancatattva refers to five vibrations or five types of energy, harnessed by those who want to merge into the highest forces of the universe.

Lecture quote:

"From the point of view of Gnosis, in fact, in any real spiritual tradition, we understand that everything that exists has its origin in the womb of the Divine Mother. That womb is a vastness, an emptiness we call the Akash or Akasha. It is a primordial substance, but it is also not a substance. You could say it is “undifferentiated matter,” but it is before matter. It is called Mulaprakriti, which is the great womb of Divine Mother space, and from that womb arises everything that exists, everything that manifests. So, in synthesis, we are saying that all atoms, all matter, all energy in its root is derived from this womb. The womb of the Divine Mother space is symbolized in the Book of Genesis as the primordial waters. Likewise, in many other traditions we have the Great Ocean or the Great Waters from which life emerges; and you have this tradition in Hinduism and in various traditions in central and South America. Those waters are feminine and they are the raw material or the raw source of all manifestation."

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