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A free audio lecture download about the spiritual meaning of Ramachandra, the hero of the Indian epic poem The Ramayana. See how Rama is related to the Tree of Life of Kabbalah, and how the bodhisattva reach complete awakening.

"The gods, the Gandharvas, Siddhas and holy Rishis approached Brahma and said, "O venerable Lord! The demon Ravana is harassing us in various ways through his power on account of Your boon to him. We are not able to check him. Please protect us." In the meanwhile, Lord Hari [Vishnu] arrived. He said to the gods, "O gods! Be not afraid. I shall incarnate on earth to protect you all and destroy the wicked Ravana." Lord Vishnu divided Himself into four portions and chose King Dasaratha for His father.

The Birth of the Lord

King Dasaratha who was endowed with good fortune, who was devoted to truth, who vas brave and famous, was without a son. He was very much troubled in his heart. He approached his family preceptor Vasishtha and said, "O my venerable master! I have no issue to carry on the line. I am troubled with the sorrow of being childless." Vasishtha said, "O righteous king! You will beget four mighty sons. Bring Rishya Sringa. Perform at once the sacrifice called the Putrakameshti." Dasaratha brought the Rishi to Ayodhya and performed the sacrifice. The God of Fire appeared from the fire of the sacrifice. He had a golden vessel full of divine Payasa. He said, "O best of kings! Take this Payasa made by the gods in heaven. Give it to your worthy wives. You shall beget by them mighty sons." Dasaratha obtained the permission of Vasishtha and Rishya Sringa and gave the Payasa half and half to his queens Kausalya and Kaikeyi. Sumitra also went there. She also wanted to take a portion of the Payasa. Kausalya joyfully gave her half of her share. Kaikeyi also gave her half of her share with immense joy. All the queens became pregnant. In the tenth month, Kausalya gave birth to a son of superhuman form. On the ninth lunar day of the bright half of the month of Chaitra, under the star Punarvasu, and Lagna Karkata (the auspicious zodiacal sign of cancer), the five constellations in the ascendent, appeared on earth the great and prosperous Sri Rama with mighty arms, the eternal Lord, the Master of the world, the joy of Dasaratha. He bore all the auspicious marks on His fair body. His form was effulgent like a thousand suns.

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