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Kabbalah explains how the angel Samael is related to the astrological signs, the tribe of Dan, Esau and Jacob, the book of Revelation, the plague of locusts, and the second coming of Christ.

Lecture quote:

"The spelling of Samael is the letters סמאל: Samech, Mem, Aleph, Lamed. Samech means support. Mem means water. Aleph means breath. Lamed means to teach. Therefore, Samael means “to hold up in the waters the teachings of the breath of God.”

"Samael’s force in the physical body is in the blood. Samael controls the forces of Esau in the liver. Through the blood he blesses Jacob. Yes, through the blood, because Jacob is the heart and Esau is the liver. Both relate with the blood. So, the fiery energy, the forces of Samael in the physical body, work in the blood. So the vesture of Samael in our body is our blood. Through the blood, Samael works, whether down or up depends on how we utilize our sexual energy, as already explained when Jacob is fighting with him."

Read the lecture transcription:

The Advent of Samael.


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