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Kabbalah explains how the angel Samael works through the sephirah Geburah to fufill the will of God.

"Jahavah Elohim said to Samael: “Since it is so, give me advice. (Jehovah Elohim asked Samael for advice) on what I should do, so that the children of Jacob would accept it, as you say.”

"Samael said to Jehovah Elohim: “Master of the universe, there is a need to bribe them. Take light from the light of the legions in heaven and impart it to them. By this, they will accept her (the Torah) and here is some OF MY LIGHT, which I will give first. Thus, Samael removed from himself the light that enveloped him and gave it to the Holy One, Blessed Be He, to present it to Israel." - Zohar

Read the lecture transcription: The Sacrifice of Samael.


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