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The union of man and woman is a sacred bond, the most ancient and holy religious sacrament. Matrimony is "the state or condition from which the Divine Mother can act."

Lecture quote:

"Like all of the sacraments, the sacrament of matrimony is sacred (these two words - sacrament, sacred - come from a common source). This is why in all of the ancient religions and mystical traditions of humanity, matrimony or marriage has always been considered a religious act, a sacred act. That is why marriage has always been in the domain of the priesthood, not the government, until recent times, when marriage has become more of an economic factor. When we talk about the sacraments, what we are really discussing are sacred initiations or levels of instruction that the soul passes through. These sacraments have been instituted by the Gnostic Church, which has its primary domain in the realm of Daath (Hebrew for knowledge, which is that realm where the Father/Mother unite in order to create; this is the level of the Yab/Yum, the Father/Mother, the Elohim. From their sacred union, all creation is realized. The sacrament or sacred act of matrimony is a reflection of the union between the Divine Father and the Divine Mother, Shiva/Shakti, Abba and Aima. That union in the sphere of Daath is an act of sacrifice; it is an act of love. The sphere of Daath is synonymous with love. It is here where God and Goddess unite because of their profound love; the very substance of that union is love, and its result is love. The child, the son, Osiris, or Christ, is the very embodiment of the love of Father/Mother, Yab/Yum; so that son, that love, is Christ the Savior, the sacred force of pure, cognizant Bodhichitta, love. This is a form of love that is beyond the seven spheres below Daath. It is beyond the spirit (Chesed), the consciousness (Geburah), the will (Tiphereth), the mind (Netzach), the emotion (Hod), beyond energy (Yesod), beyond anything physical (Malkuth). This is a form of love that is incomprehensible to our mind, but is knowable through our heart. This is why the sacrament of matrimony is so sacred."

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"The “I” is the origin of the error and of its consequence, which is pain. Thus, as long as the “I” exists, pain and error will continue to exist."