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An explanation of the seven sacred acts (sacraments) of the Gnostic Church: Baptism, Penance, Communion, Confirmation, Matrimony, Priesthood, and Extreme Unction. These rituals are visible in every religion in the world, and do not belong to one group or another, since they all emerge from the same source.

Lecture quote:

"In this course, we are going to explain the sacraments instituted since ancient times in the church of Christ, which has its latest roots in Egypt. Internally, the Holy Gnostic Church is situated in the superior dimensions. Yet, in this day and age, the Holy Gnostic Church has in the physical world a physical exponent in every Lumisial of our visible and invisible Gnostic organisations that form the gigantic Gnostic Movement. The Gnostic Church was instituted by the Master Jesus two thousand years ago in the Middle East, but is a church that has a history much longer than that. It is related with the mysteries of ancient Egypt that has its roots in Atlantis, which come from a Neptunian-Amentian epoch directly related with the World of Yesod, the fourth dimension and beyond. As you know, Gnosis is a Greek word for knowledge, and this doctrine of knowledge is related with the famous tree of knowledge of the book of Genesis. Many times in our lectures we point out the tree of life, which is a hieroglyphic within which we find the tree of knowledge, the mysterious Sephirah Daath. So it is good for you to have a graphic representation of the tree of life in order for you to understand what the Gnostic Church is. The Gnostic Church is related with the Sephirah Daath, which is in the middle pillar of the tree of life, and is interrelated with Tiphereth and Yesod. In order to understand what a sacrament is we have to understand the word itself. As you observe, the word ‘sacrament' comes from ‘sacred' and ‘amen': "Sacred Amen" - Sacraments.

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