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The Rune Ingwaz (Inguz) is related to the Nordic symbol Frey (Froh), who represents the Christic fire that produces spiritual growth. Learn how this rune is hidden in the Aztec calendar and The Pistis Sophia, the Gnostic scripture documenting the teachings of Jesus after his resurrection. Includes discussion of the twelve apostles, four elements, the eucharist (unction), the role of Martha, and much more.

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The Twelve Apostles of Jesus

  • Peter = Pistis, Faith
  • Andrew = Strength
  • John = Emotional Love
  • Phillip = Creative power of the word
  • Bartholomew = Imagination
  • James the Elder = Cognizance
  • Thomas = Wisdom
  • Matthew = Willpower
  • James the Lesser = Order
  • Simon from Canaan = Zeal
  • Judas Thaddeus = Elimination
  • Judas Iscariot = Sexual Power

Faith produces strength, and strength develops faith. Love without cognizance is destructive, yet together they produce Dharma. Imagination creates, and the creative power of the word expresses itself imaginatively; wisdom and willpower always proceed hand in hand. Order and zeal advance alongside sexual transmutation. Sexual transmutation combined with psychological elimination brings order and zeal. All of these faculties are divided and enhanced as they are developed. Thus, the creative power of the word, placed at the root of the tongue, governs taste, controls the action of the larynx, and the weight of the word controls the actions of the initiate. Order is subdivided as harmony, peace and bliss. Faith grants confidence, sexual strength, energy Imagination and visualization complement each other. Cognizance also means justice, right judgment, upright appreciation of the facts. Zeal is accompanied by enthusiasm, that, without control, becomes religious or political fanaticism. Life results from transmutation and health. Elimination relates to depuration from toxins, the digestion and the depuration from all negative thoughts and emotions. Each of these faculties can and must be developed by means of the three primary forces: Holy Affirming (performing the will of God) Holy Denying (receiving with gratitude the negative impressions of our fellowmen) Holy Conciliating (Tantra). Through them, that is, by means of the crystallization and communion with these three archetypical forces, the initiate reaches complete comprehension of his individuality within the cosmic unity.


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