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A brief summary of the opera, followed by a discussion of the hidden meaning.

Read a synopsis of the opera.

Read a transcription of the lecture.

Quoted from the lecture:

"Gotterdammerung, “the twilight of the gods”: We are now arriving at the end of this great masterpiece that hides profound mysteries that only those who walk on the path of the self-realization of the being can understand. Friedrich Nietzsche talked about the superman but he was mistaken thinking that the man existed. He did not know that first the man has to be created in order for the super man to act in that man. And this is precisely what here, in this great opera, is hidden, which is that superior aspect that only those that walk on the path and who are already on the level of human being can understand. Remember that it is written that the man is only a bridge between the intellectual animal and the superman. But we don’t have to fall into the mistake of believing that the human being already exists, because it does not exist. The human being has the possibilities of existing within each on of us. And when we reach that level then we can walk on the path of the superman."


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