Prophecies of the Days to Come 04 The Great Selection of Souls, Part 2 Popular

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How superior beings are working to assist humanity to alter the Genotype (genome) to originate a new Phenotype (phenomena).

Lecture quote:

"Each one of us has a unique genome, because the genome is based on the inheritance that is taken from the protoplasmic bodies. As I told you, the genes and the chromosomes are made by molecules, those molecules are directly connected with the molecular bodies, the protoplasmic bodies, which are precisely the cause of our physical body. In the previous lecture, I told you that the origin of those protoplasmic bodies comes from very ancient times. The evolution of this planet Earth comes from the Saturnian epoch, a very ancient epoch. During the Lemurian epoch (which is explained in the Bible as the fall of “Adam and Eve” humanity) certain Cosmo-Creators or sacred individuals came to this planet Earth from other worlds in order to help the development of our genome, which means in order to alter the structure of the cell of the physical body of that time. All of this was profoundly sexual. It is clear that we transmit our genome, our inheritance, through the sexual act. The sexual act is necessary for the human organism to alter the genome. When a man and a woman are united and the sperm leaves the physical organ of the man and engenders the ovum of the woman, we then have the first cell which is the union of two causes: the man and the woman..."

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