Prophecies of the Days to Come 03 The Great Selection of Souls, Part 1 Popular

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The end of the current age and the Natural Selection or Evolution of the Psyche (soul) in relation to the kingdoms of nature, heaven, hell, extraterrestrials, and the Monad (Spirit).

Lecture quote:

"We are in this very moment experiencing great events not only in this physical world that we can sense through our five senses but also in the superior worlds. It is very important to understand that the selection of psyches-a work that we are performing and that we have to perform-is something always related with the consciousness. In many traditions they talk about the selection of souls that eventually will happen in order to initiate the Golden Age, or the new system of things that will come after catastrophes and many events that will happen in the physical world. So many theories, beliefs, dogmas exist around this topic related with the selection of individuals that will come to inhabit a new Earth, a new planet. We call that future time "the Golden Age" so we are going to be very specific in order to explain in detail about this selection that is going to happen worldwide. To begin we have to emphasize that this selection that is written in many books, religious books, and that many traditions, philosophies, schools are preaching and waiting for has nothing to do with beliefs."

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