Path of the Bodhisattva 17 Ouranon Poreuomenon, the Vertical Path to heaven Popular

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A profound, advanced lecture about the heights of the path to heaven and the development of objective reasoning within the superior realms of the Bodhisattva. Pertains to the Initiatic process of Resurrection, the complete psychological death of the ego and perfection within the world of Yetzirah. Also moves into the process of Ascension through the Kabbalistic worlds of Briah and Atziluth, whereby the Resurrected Master enters more elevated realms of consciousness until attaining complete and absolute liberation.

Lecture quote:

"When we read about the ascension of Jesus in Luke 24:51 and Acts 1: 9-11 regarding how He went to heaven, we read in Greek “Ouranon Poreuomenon” - Ouranon or Uranus meaning heaven and Poreuomenon which means a psychological initiatic development that the Initiate has undertaken. This means that the Bodhisattva - through initiation - went to a place where no believer can go; the Bodhisattva went to those spheres that in Kabbalah are named Sephiroth within the world of Yetzirah, that are hidden from the eyes of the flesh or to that which is earthly, tridimensional."

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