Path of the Bodhisattva 13 Dhyana, the Perfection of Meditation Popular

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Dhyana, or meditation, as the fulfillment and unfoldment of the previous Paramitas. The importance, practice and science of meditation, the methodology by which the aspirant may comprehend their own suffering. Lecture relates to the Sephirah Geburah, or the Divine Consciousness.

Lecture quote:

"When we talk about meditation, we are talking about the cultivation of a particular kind of conscious attitude. The word meditation is really misused in the West. When the teachings from Asia began to arrive into Western world, the people who were involved with translating that knowledge and bringing that knowledge to the Western mind used this word 'meditation' in place of a whole variety of words from Tibetan on Sanskrit. So, because of that, Western students who have adopted concepts of Yoga or Buddhism or Hinduism have in their mind "meditation" in a very imprecise way. There is not a clear understanding among Westerners, even Gnostics, that we need to analyze the actual terminology and experience it. We have to arrive at our own experience of the differences between all the terms states of consciousness because our very development is dependant on it; our own liberation depends upon us understanding our own consciousness."

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