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How the aspirant must utilize the virtue of Heroic Action (diligence) and confidence in order to overcome the obstacles of laziness and defeatism. Lecture relates to the Sephirah Tiphereth, the world of willpower.

Lecture quote:

"When the ego is taken out of the way, a joyful quality erupts into view, it emerges, because that is the nature of our free, unconditioned consciousness. When you see a sour practitioner, or a meditator who has a very bitter flavor about their practice, then they are not accessing Samadhi. Someone who is really cultivating the science of developing Samadhi is a joyful person, a very happy person, a peaceful person, because those are the qualities of the real, free consciousness. In that way, you can understand that the more you develop your connection with the consciousness through the repeated moment to moment effort to be aware of yourself, to be conscious, the more that natural joyfulness will arise, the more natural, spontaneous serenity becomes present for you. And in that context, the work to liberate yourself no longer is a matter of defeatism, it is no longer a matter of "Oh, it is going to take forever," or "Oh, I am not at my goal yet. I still do not have my astral body." Those attitudes fall away. It no longer is the point, because the joyfulness of the Buddha nature has emerged."

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