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The four gospels, the symbolism of the birth of John the Baptist, and the birth of Christ.

Lecture quote:

"Epiphania is the manifestation of the divine essence of Christ within the human being, or the ascension of the christic solar energy through the spinal column of the initiate, as represented by the Magi. Epiphania! talks about the way in which the human being manifests the only begotten Light—from the unknowable abstract space—which in the Greek language is called Christ. The Cosmic Drama—that is, the Birth, Life, Crucifixion, Death, Resurrection and Ascension of the Cosmic Christ, which is always performed in every single cosmic unit (planet) in the universe—has to be repeated in each one of us, in order for us to attain the level of the Solar Man or True Human Being. The Gospels were written so that the initiates can understand and comprehend the steps."

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"Wherever we direct our attention, we spend creative energy. We can save creative energy if we divide attention, if we do not become identified with things, people, and ideas. When we become identified with things, people, and ideas, we then forget our Self and lose creative energy in the most pitiful way. It is essential to know that we need to save creative energy in order to awaken the consciousness, and that the creative energy is the living potential, it is the vehicle of the consciousness, it is the instrument in order to awaken the consciousness."