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Meditation is the central practice of Gnosticism. Yet, to meditate properly requires that no exertion be made. To learn this requires a daily effort to stabilize the consciousness in equanimity. Includes practical tips, an overview of an approach to daily meditation, the importance of the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path, and much more.

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The Eightfold Path:

  • 1. Right view or understanding
  • 2. Right intention or motivation
  • 3. Right speech or communication
  • 4. Right action or conduct
  • 5. Right vocation or livelihood
  • 6. Right effort
  • 7. Right attention or mindfulness
  • 8. Right presence or concentration

"The stillness and silence of the mind has a single objective: to liberate the Essence from the mind, so that when fused with the Monad or Inner Self, it (the Essence) can experience that which we call the truth. During ecstasy and in the absence of the “I,” the Essence can live freely experiencing the truth within the World of the Mist of Fire. When the mind is in a passive and receptive state, absolutely still and in silence, the Essence or Buddhata is liberated from the mind, and the ecstasy arrives. The Essence is always bottled up in the battle of the opposites, but when the battling ends and the silence is absolute, then the bottle is broken into pieces and the Essence remains free. When we practice meditation, our mind is assaulted by many memories, desires, passions, preoccupations, etc. We must avoid the conflict between attention and distraction. A conflict exists between attention and distraction when we combat those assailants of the mind. The “I” is the projector of such mental assailants. Where there is conflict, stillness and silence cannot exist. We must nullify the projector through self-observation and comprehension. Examine each image, each memory, and each thought that comes to the mind. Remember that every thought has two poles: positive and negative. - Samael Aun Weor, The Revolution of the Dialectic


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"Wherever we direct our attention, we spend creative energy. We can save creative energy if we divide attention, if we do not become identified with things, people, and ideas. When we become identified with things, people, and ideas, we then forget our Self and lose creative energy in the most pitiful way. It is essential to know that we need to save creative energy in order to awaken the consciousness, and that the creative energy is the living potential, it is the vehicle of the consciousness, it is the instrument in order to awaken the consciousness."