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Meditation Essentials 10 Bliss AUDIO
This is what every meditator seeks: liberation, emancipation, moksha, samadhi, ecstasy, bliss... there are many names for it, and as many interpretations, but all of them point towards a precise state of consciousness that can be found within each one of us. This is because ecstasy or bliss is the natural state of the consciousness, the state it should be in at all times but which is prevented by our psychological conditioning. Bliss or liberation is not a physical sensation, but the experience of the soul when it is free of the cage of desire, ego, fear, lust, envy, etc. When out of those cages, the consciousness is revealed in its true nature: happiness, freedom, peace, compassion, wisdom. Bliss or liberation is also not a subjective state or something vague, mild, or uncertain: it is a radiantly clear experience of expanded perception, perfect relaxation and confidence, and effortless insight into even the most perplexing of problems. Any human being can access the state of ecstasy; all that is required is to know (1) how to position the consciousness and sustain it, and (2) how to recognize obstacles and extract oneself from them. In this lecture, we will bring together everything explained in the previous nine lectures, so you can understand how to access bliss and experience it for yourself.


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“Gnosis is lived upon facts, withers away in abstractions, and is difficult to find even in the noblest of thoughts.”