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The stages of meditative concentration lead to true serenity, and the remarkable quality of pliancy, when the body and mind have become totally pacified and happily serve the will of the consciousness. Therefore, whosoever wants to reach actual meditation needs to know how to recognize and navigate these stages of concentration:

  • 1-2. Tight Focus. Requires strenuous effort.
  • 3-7. Intermittent Focus. Interference of agitation and dullness. Unable to maintain long sessions.
  • 8. Uninterrupted Focus. No interference by agitation or dullness. Able to maintain long sessions.
  • 9. Spontaneous Focus.
 No interference, no exertion. Effortless focus. Complete pliancy and the establishment of perfect shamatha (concentration, serenity).

Read the lecture text: Deepening Serenity


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