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Meditation Essentials 04 Action AUDIO

The state of meditation can be accessed at will when one knows the actions that produce that consequence. This lecture studies the stages of meditative concentration (dhyana) alongside the tree of life of kabbalah, so we understand the scientific map that leads from our current condition towards liberation from suffering.

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The Three Trainings

  1. Sila: Ethics 
  2. Samadhi: Ecstasy
  3. Prajna: Profound Wisdom

The Laws of Action and Consequence

  1. Law of cause and effect 
  2. Effects are greater than the cause
  3. You cannot receive the consequence without committing its corresponding action
  4. Once an action is performed, the consequence cannot be erased
  5. A superior law always overcomes an inferior one

Read the lecture transcription: Meditation Essentials 04: Action and Consequence


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