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Meditation Essentials 03 Energy AUDIO

Meditation is a state of consciousness that depends upon energy. Empower your meditation practice by starting to conserve and transform energy.

Topics include:

Energy as:

  1. Greek energeia "activity, action, operation," from energos "active, working," from en "at" + ergon "work, that which is wrought; business; action"
  2. Used by Aristotle with a sense of "actuality, reality, existence"

Basic Types of Energy:

  • Cosmic (Logoic)

  • Spiritual (Atmic) 

  • Conscious (Buddhic)

  • Willpower (Causal)

  • Intellectual (Mental)

  • Emotional (Astral)

  • Vital (Ethereal)

  • Mechanical (Physical)

Ways to Accumulate Energy:

  • Sexual purity (Brahmacharya) 
  • Sacred sounds (Mantras)
  • Breathing exercises (Pranayama)
  • Ritually blessed food (Eucharist / Tsok)
  • Movement exercises (Runes, Rites of Rejuvenation)

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