Machinery of the Soul 11 Bodhichitta and Impressions AUDIO Popular

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Machinery of the Soul 11 Bodhichitta and Impressions AUDIO

This lecture asks the question: What is the nature of the impressions of life?

It relates the capacity to transform impressions with Bodhichitta, also known as the Auric Embryo.

The Auric Embryo (Bodhichitta) is the objective, awakened consciousness.

The Auric Embryo (Bodhichitta) is imperishable, immortal, eternal.

The Auric Embryo (Bodhichitta) is the result of terrible ordeals and conscious works.

Regarding the Transformation of Impressions:

  1. We must comprehend the necessity of changing. There exists a superior mode of living we have not yet acquired.
  2. Life is actually our impression of it.
  3. If impressions are not transformed, the ego continues to develop and cause suffering.
  4. As the ego is eliminated, bodhichitta develops, consciousness awakens.
  5. To transform life, the transformation of impressions is essential.


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