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Sexuality is the most important and most powerful aspect of any spiritual tradition. This lecture explains the doctrine of sexual transmutation and provides quotes from Hinduism, Judiasm, Paganism, Buddhism, Taoism, and ancient Gnostic texts in support it. Explains the Christian Spiritual Marriage, the turning of the River Jordan, White and Black Tantra, and more.

A quote from the lecture:

"There is so much evidence, so much doctrine, behind this teaching. This is not something that someone came up with randomly. This is a tradition that goes back to all the ancient civilizations. Either all these traditions are wrong, or there is something wrong with the way the modern world views sexuality, because these two views are in opposition. When you change your sexuality, work with it, what you are saying is that, “Although I have this experience of myself today, although I have these desires at this moment, those desires are not my true self.” When you engage in desire, you are saying with your actions, “That is my true self. I want to go into that. And why should I renounce that?” People say, “Why should I do this [work of self-realization]? I have this sexual impulse – why would God give this ability to choose to fornicate, to do whatever you want sexually if I am not supposed to act upon it? Wouldn’t God make us in a certain way to ensure this energy would be preserved, if is so important?” That is precisely the point, which is that God does not want, God is not interested in, ignorant, un-cognizant people. God wants all beings to be cognizant of their own power. The only way to do that is to work with your will power, to make a choice, and to define yourself. If you are never given the choice to make a mistake you will never know what a mistake is. This is precisely the knowledge of Good and Evil! This is precisely Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, under the Tree of Good and Evil. The Tree of Good and Evil is sex – and sex, when it goes down and out of the body, produces the ego, and we find identity within that ego. What is important to know is that is not our true identity."


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