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Following "Let There Be Light," this lecture continues to follow the progression of the light in its manifestation through the Four Worlds of Kabbalah. Here we especially focus on the sephirah Yesod and the Vital Body.

It is recommended that you study the lecture references before you listen to the lecture.

"Wherever in the Scripture the word יהי Yehi (becoming) is used, it addresses the Divine Light (אהיה Eheieh-Kether-the Ancient of Days) both within (the Innermost of) this world and (the Logos of) the world of becoming (Atziluth). - Zohar

"The Ancient of Days is (Kether) the first activity of manifestation and movement, which is a state of pure becoming. The Christ, the Logos, is (Chokmah) the Second Primordial, which is gleaming in the Zodiacal Belt. The (Brazen) Serpent that bites its tail with its mouth, which is (Binah) the Third Primordial, emerges from the Logos. Three Witnesses in Heaven exist: The Father, the Logos, and the Holy Spirit. Three Witnesses on Earth (Malkuth) exist: The Breath, the Blood, and the Water." - Pistis Sophia Unveiled by Samael Aun Weor


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