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Kabbalah of Genesis 26 Paradise Lost AUDIO Popular

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Kabbalah of Genesis 26 Paradise Lost.mp3

The story in the Bible about Adam and Eve leaving paradise and having children (Cain and Abel) has not been understood by humanity, since it is a teaching of Kabbalah that has been hidden from the uneducated. Learn the real meaning of the story as revealed by the Zohar and expressed in the Hebrew letters. This lecture explains the key Hebrew words Yehi and Ath.

It is highly recommend that you read the accompanying pdf before listening to the lecture. 

"Wherever in the scripture this word יהי yehe (let there be) is used, it refers to or signifies this יהי ,divine light, namely Yehe Aur in Yesod אור sex of this world (Malkuth, or physicality), and ויהי אור VeYehe Aur in (the ו Vav or medulla, Central Pillar of) the world to come. אלהים The light created by Elohim in the work of creation, filled the world with its splendor, but was eventually withdrawn and concealed, why? In order that (the fornicators) transgressors of the good law might not participate in it, and therefore the Holy One conceals and preserves it for the right-doers." - Zohar