Kabbalah of Genesis 13 The Ark of Noah, Part 1 Popular

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The alchemical symbolism of the ark of Noah and the creation of the soul.

Lecture quote:

"The Ark of Noah hides the secrets of the Self-realization of the Being, the secrets of Tantra, which are hidden in different verses in the Bible. We need to know a lot of Alchemy and Kabbalah in order to understand what the Ark of Noah is. To begin, we have to state that for this understanding, we, the Gnostics, study two trees: (1) the Tree of Life, and (2) the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, which is Gnosis, because "knowledge" in Hebrew is Daath, and in Greek is Gnosis. So behold here two trees, which are mentioned in the book of Genesis written by Moses. So, when we talk about the Ark of Noah, we have to talk about wood, since any type of wood comes from a tree; yet, the tree related with the wood of the Ark of Noah is not a tridimensional tree as many people think."

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