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gnosis of buddha dharma courseMore than 2,500 years ago, a man decided to find out why there is suffering, and how to overcome it. He succeeded, and became known as "The Buddha," which means, "One who is awake." Since then, there have emerged many variations and interpretations of what he taught, with some believing that his teachings were something he invented or created on his own. Contrary to this belief, he said,

"I have seen an ancient path, an ancient road traversed by the rightly enlightened ones of former times. And what is that ancient path, that ancient road? It is just this noble eight-fold path." - Buddha Shakyamuni, Samyutta Nikaya ii.106

Therefore, his knowledge — what in Greek is called Gnosis — existed before he did, and he only taught what he understood of that ancient knowledge.

This course examines Gnosis through the lens of the Buddhist Dharma.

These lectures were originally given live and unscripted on Gnostic Radio.

Read the lecture transcriptions.

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Gnosis of Buddha Dharma 01 The Gnostic Buddha Popular Download (mp3, 80.94 MB)
Gnosis of Buddha Dharma 02 The Method of Gnostic Dharma Popular Download (mp3, 45.62 MB)
Gnosis of Buddha Dharma 03 Suffering and Right View Popular Download (mp3, 53.25 MB)
Gnosis of Buddha Dharma 04 Upright Intention Popular Download (mp3, 68.95 MB)
Gnosis of Buddha Dharma 05 Upright Speech Popular Download (mp3, 66.81 MB)
Gnosis of Buddha Dharma 06 Upright Action, Thelema, Willpower Popular Download (mp3, 61.05 MB)
Gnosis of Buddha Dharma 07 Upright Vocation Popular Download (mp3, 53.16 MB)
Gnosis of Buddha Dharma 08 Upright Mindfulness Popular Download (mp3, 56.31 MB)
Gnosis of Buddha Dharma 09 Upright Meditation, Why Meditate Popular Download (mp3, 59.42 MB)
Gnosis of Buddha Dharma 10 The Three Jewels, Part 1 Popular Download (mp3, 51.36 MB)
Gnosis of Buddha Dharma 11 The Three Jewels, Part 2 Popular Download (mp3, 53.07 MB)
Gnosis of Buddha Dharma 12 The Three Jewels, Part 3 Popular Download (mp3, 44.48 MB)
Gnosis of Buddha Dharma 13 Buddha Nature and Buddha Maitreya Popular Download (mp3, 52.05 MB)
Gnosis of Buddha Dharma 14 The Mantra of Christ Om Mani Padme Hum Popular Download (mp3, 42.52 MB)
Gnosis of Buddha Dharma 15 The Three Modes of Perception Popular Download (mp3, 63.06 MB)
Gnosis of Buddha Dharma 16 Practical Steps to Liberation Popular Download (mp3, 36.48 MB)
Gnosis of Buddha Dharma 17 Saga Dawa AUDIO Popular Download (mp3, 135.50 MB)
Gnosis of Buddha Dharma 17 Saga Dawa PDF Popular Download (pdf, 2.13 MB)


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